Monday, 14 April 2014


Artist Statement

I create bespoke sensory objects which have many beautiful aesthetics. My Inspiration are driven from the experience I gained from my work experience with the visually impaired. I wanted to create beautiful objects for them, with the beauty not just to be apparent visually, but also though the use of sound and touch elements.
My main body of work is made up of exotic woods with interesting and compelling grain which compliments the smooth shine of the brass elements. Quite often my objects take the form of vessels, containing qualities and openings that hold sound elements or secret brail messages. They are created to be directly personalised to individuals.

I have range of more organic wood structures that are musical instruments. My forms do not necessarily look like a standard musical instruments as I did not want this this be obvious at first glance but the musical qualities to be discovered and to become apparent when they are interacted with through touch.
My work is honest and interesting, compelling the viewer to explore the hidden sensory qualities. The objects have an interesting textural finishing either smooth and comforting to the touch or tactile and compelling.